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What Does the Bible Say?

Religious trends during the past few decades have made today's debate over homosexuality almost inevitable. In a growing number of denominations, the Bible's moral statements are increasingly seen as irrelevant to our culture. The latest findings of science and an individual's personal experiences are treated as higher authorities than the Scriptures....

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Justice & Respect

Bisexuals. Lesbians. Gays. the very words are enough to make many Christians feel uncomfortable. That which used to be hidden in the closet has increasingly become a topic of public debate and even political activism. ...

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Seven Things I Wish Pro-Gay People Would Admit

Pro-gay advocates want everyone to believe that "ex-gays" do not exist. Pro-gay advocates are intolerant of people who legitimately want to walk away from a life of homosexuality. Here are seven things that pro-gay advocates have a difficult time addressing....

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Are You Still in the Desert?

Each month, I hear from dozens of Christians who are coming out of a homosexual background. For most, life is a hard struggle. Many wonder if it's worth the effort to keep trying, especially, when they have just fallen sexually and feel like they are right back at "square one."...

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Homosexuals and the Church

"Why don't you hateful people leave us alone? We're not hurting you," John thought, as an eerie sickness gripped his stomach. Then another thought struck him: "Who would want to follow a God like the one they're displaying?"...

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My Secret War

I had spent years in church, graduated from Bible school, and served in short-term missions. But a hidden battle was raging inside that threatened to destroy me....

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