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For the Love of a Father


A poem by James Ryle about a boy who becomes a homosexual and the need for the Church to act....

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Like Oil and Water

"So, should I start over?" The doctor asked. I had just walked back into my husband’s hospital room. Steven nodded. Very graciously, the doctor continued. He reviewed my husband’s illness, pnuemocystis carinii pneumonia, and reminded us that this kind of illness only occurs when the immune system is broken down. AIDS was a possible culprit and he was here to give the r...

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Adventure In Divine Submission - AIDS

Why would someone CHOOSE to be a homosexual? Why would they choose a life of rejection and scorn from so many different areas of society and God? Why would they become involved in something destined to bring so much heartache to their life? Many believe, as I did, that there is no other way; that they were born that way and must accept that there can't be any other way for...

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