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Everyone Needs This Ministry - A Letter from a Pastor


I came to First Stone Ministries because, as a pastor, I saw their ministry standing firm for the Truth of God’s Word even as they ministered to the most broken. As I had watched Stephen and the team in various settings, I had come to believe God was setting up ministries like theirs to lead the true Church in these last days.

I stayed with First Stone, and began attending their ministry sessions, because of what began to happen to me there.

I found that confession, protected by strict protocols of confidentiality, managed in turn by trustworthy servants of God, opened a new vista in my life and my walk with God. Through the ministry’s specialized use of wise counsel from experienced servant leaders, and through their constant focus on the finished work of the Lord Jesus on the Cross, I began to grow in grace and truth, in personal faith and holiness, in a way that the environment of my pastorate had never of itself made possible.

I continue to attend and participate in Living Waters and support First Stone Ministries in every way I can. The way I have seen them used of God in the public square, as well as in my own life, is evidence to me of what I suspected from my first meetings with them over five years ago: ministries like this one will be leading us as the Lord tarries, and until He returns. I recommend this ministry to anyone who is suffering from sexual brokenness, and insist that every Christian should be fully acquainted with ministries like this and support them.

Jason Murray, ordained minister
Independent Christian Churches