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Put Away in Order to Put On

Laura Leigh Stanlake teaching at Crestwood Vineyard Church in Oklahoma City....

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Porn & Sex are Women's Issues Too!


Host Garry Ingraham talks with guest Laura Leigh Stanlake. ...

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A Grace-filled and Truthful Response Regarding "Gay Christianity"


After the ruling of the Supreme Court on June 26, 2015 Laura Leigh Stanlake, Director of Women's Ministries attended a local church service where a pastor gave a message in responding to so-called "gay marriage". There was a problem! Homosexual identity and Christianity were being integrated as one legitimate identity-- a "gay Christian" identity. Laura responded with this...

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Friendships For God’s Glory and Our Good


It seems to me that our entire Christian culture is looking for the inspiration for connection. What is the best way to connect? What is the face we want to put out there that draws people? How do we connect with hurting people? What is the right formula for making “community” happen in our churches?...

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Sing Over Me: Bonus Interview - Laura Leigh Stanlake

Video testimony from Laura Leigh Stanlake, Director of Women's Ministries at First Stone Ministries. Freedom from lesbianism, sexual addiction, pornography and sexual abuse....

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Meditations on Humility: Humility and Confession

I have been on an interesting journey in my life, which has thus far lasted two years. The journey is into learning about humility. I’ve been a terrible student in most ways finding that each time I feel that I’m about to be humble in something and then become aware of it, humility is suddenly far away from me....

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Contentment and Joy

From my earliest memories, I have longed to know Jesus. The problem was that I couldn’t ever seem to grasp the truth of His salvation. So, I became a seeker. (God rewards those who seek Him diligently. Thankfully.) Though I looked into many different expressions and practices of various religions and beliefs, I continued to return to Jesus as my One Hope. I attempted to ...

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