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Hypothalamic Hypothesis

Does homosexuality have a biological cause? Regardless of whether it should be or not, this is the bottom line question for many people in justifying their attitude toward homosexuality....

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Advice To Married Men Struggling With Homosexuality...

The Christian married man bound by homosexuality bears a double burden. He lives under the power of a sin which brings self-condemnation and a feeling of alienation from God. He also lives with the knowledge that he is bringing a terrible hurt to another human being—his wife. But for this man, victory over homosexuality can bring a double blessing. He can be restored to ...

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A Life Determined Before Birth?

Essentially, society has two views of homosexuality. The traditional view holds that homosexuality is an aberration, the orientation is a disorder, and the behavior is pathological. The opposing view is that homosexuality is a normal variant in the human condition, that it is determined before birth, and homosexual behavior is natural for those so oriented....

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