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Archives for May 1999

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Sexual Sin and Bondage: What Does It Look Like To Be Healed?

The gatekeepers of our modern culture know of this power and have for decades been redefining the terms and ideas that fashion and direct our social beliefs and actions. Two lesbians are now a "family." Killing unborn children is now a "right." Lying with a man as with a woman is now "good," "natural" and "the creative will of God." And as if that weren't absurd enough, ou...

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Does God Really Care?

"Does God really care?" How often have we, as parents, in our despair, fear and hopelessness, asked this question?...

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Are You Still in the Desert?

Each month, I hear from dozens of Christians who are coming out of a homosexual background. For most, life is a hard struggle. Many wonder if it's worth the effort to keep trying, especially, when they have just fallen sexually and feel like they are right back at "square one."...

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