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Archives for September 1998

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Hey, COACH! By His Grace, I Survived Your Sexual Abuse

I hated myself because I had very conflicting emotions about my abuser, a high school teacher and coach. It was not until I recognized him for what he is that I was able to start the healing process. I think the process of writing these two projects has freed my spirit from the hate that once bound me in my sin. Even though the hate is gone, some of the hurt still remains....

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Can Homosexuals Change?

For many years the gay community has used the media as a means to change society’s attitudes about homosexuality. They have disseminated much questionable information to convince society that homosexuality is innate, unchangeable and a normal variable in the spectrum of human sexuality....

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The Theater of Your Mind... What's Showing?

Most Christians have at least an intellectual understanding that with Christ all things are possible. We know that He gives us power to live victorious lives, and we believe that old things have passed away and all things have become new. Yet, even after a conversion experience, and in spite of being drenched in Christian seminars, conferences, and Bible training programs,...

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