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First Stone Ministries Board appoints interim Executive Director


Oklahoma City, OK – The First Stone Ministries Board would like to announce the appointment of Laura Leigh Stanlake as interim Executive Director of First Stone Ministries, effective August 1, 2023. ...

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Sabbatical for Stephen Black


In January, Stephen Black made known to the staff of First Stone Ministries (FSM) his hope that 2023 would be a year of repentance and rest. As the FSM board pondered the year before us, it appeared fortuitous that a long overdue sabbatical for our Executive Director would be possible and also highly beneficial to the health of FSM....

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New Study Reveals - AGAIN - No One Is Born Gay!

No-Gay-Gene-9-2019 - Rotator

There have many studies to try and prove that people are born gay. NONE have given results, although much speculation in the media and from Hollywood since Simon LeVay's terrible study results released in 1991. A new study of a Human Genome-Wide Association Study of the largest sample ever to date, almost 500,000 reveal NO ONE IS BORN GAY!...

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Stephen Black Interviewed by Janet Mefferd - The Attack of Ministries by Fallen Leader, McKrae Game

190917 - Janet Mefferd - SHB Interview - McKrae Game - 9-17-2019 Rotator

The LGBTQ+ Political Agenda Position to Attack Biblical Orthodox Christianity. It is tragic to see this coming from those who were once considered friends who are now embracing sin and a mocking spirit....

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Covenant Eyes


Covenant Eyes Accountability Software keeps you and those you love safe on the internet. Covenant Eyes also offers filtering and boundaried times on the internent, perfect for all family members....

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Public Response to False Claims Laid Against The TranZformed Documentary Being “Soul-Crushing”


This public response is answering a false claim, some distortions and the typical fake-news narrative by those who do not hold to a conservative Biblical orthodox view of human sexuality, The Gayly and Sara Cunningham. Before going into the details of their false claims...

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Upper Room Community - 9 Month Residential Program of Portland Fellowship


For people desiring to grow in their walk with Christ and experience freedom from sexual and relational brokenness, the Upper Room Community offers Christ-centered mentoring, discipleship and an intentional residential community. Same-sex attraction stems from relational wounds and dysfunction, and many participants experience healing and growth in the URC through the new,...

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Concerning Our Transition from Exodus International to Restored Hope Network

We, the Board of Restored Hope Network, grieve the decision of Alan Chambers and the board of Exodus to close down this venerable organization. It feels like the unnecessary death of a dear friend. It would have been better for them to have stepped aside and allowed others to carry on the message of hope for transformed lives. Although the timing of the news was a surprise...

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Reasons FSM Supports HB1598

In January of 2015, Representative Sally Kern submitted HB 1598 to the Oklahoma House. It was approved out of committee, unfortunately the Speaker of the House, Jeff Hickman did not allow the bill to come to the House for a vote. Stephen Black, testified in committee and FSM Supports this effort....

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Restored Hope Network statement concerning John Paulk

Restored Hope Network's board of directors released this statement today, concerning Anne Paulk and John Paulk....

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