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Unfortunately, the First Stone Staff cannot publish direct access to email. Our email server has security restrictions to eliminate all unapproved emails to be deleted. Emailing a staff member directly requires approval and that the approved email address has been added to our contacts/server. New contacts will not receive a reply from our staff without being vetted as safe contacts or email addresses through the website contact form process.  All unvetted emails are deleted or go directly to junk.  If you would rather not fill out the contact form, please call our offices. Therefore, the Contact Form must be used, or a direct phone call to initiate communication and to have approved email access with our staff. We apologize for any inconvenience. We monitor the contact form box and voice mails. Your communication will be directed to the appropriate staff member, usually within two business days.





Office Availability:

9a - 6p (office hours)
4p - 10p (admin/support group - Jan thru June)

9a - 6p (office hours)

9:30a - 10:30a (staff prayer every Wednesday)
11a - 6p (office hours)

9a - 1p (staffing/admin only - staff usually unavailable)
1p - 4p (office hours)
4p - 10p (admin/support group each week)

9a - 6p (office hours)
4p - 10p (admin/parent's group on 1st, 3rd Friday each month)


1330 N Classen Blvd Ste G80
Oklahoma City, OK 73106-6856

We are proud to be residents of Oklahoma. We have a page of links to attractions in our state and the city of Oklahoma City.