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Differing Views on Christianity, Identity and Homosexuality

Differing Views on Christianity, Identity and Homosexuality where there is an onslaught of the promotion of "gay Christianity" in the Church today. The differing view chart reveals the differences in belief and approach and is helpful for those who need to understand and be warned of those who promote false teaching, or lacking in fullness for HOPE....

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The Pervasive Influence of Unbelief: Helping Parents Navigate the Difficulty of Unanswered Prayers

"I don't understand why God isn't doing anything," exclaimed a parent one night at our parent's group! Sadly, this is the understandable exclamation of many parents. Embedded within that exclamation is a subtle hint that there's a temptation for unbelief. Is it wrong for parents to be upset that they are not seeing the changes they long for in their LGBT-identified loved o...

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Surrender Your Child Back to God

If you find yourself identifying as a parent of a prodigal, you are not alone. Jesus told this story not to condemn or shame you as a parent, but to help you feel seen, heard and understood. He did not communicate any details of the mistakes the father made. He did not disclose why the son was so angry with his father. Instead, he relayed a tale of a grieving father whose ...

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Prophecy of Pride


There is a banner that is waved over this culture of flamboyant and blatant worship of Baal, Jezebel, and pride. It is called the “Rainbow Flag” by some; however, it is rightfully being called by a new and increasingly popular name – “Pride Flag” or “Pride Banner.” I want to share with you what I believe the Lord has shown me in the last several years concern...

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Don't Be Silly

Don't Be Silly - 1946

A biblical study of the erroneous claim that arsenokoitai only means to have sex with adolescent boys....

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The Power of Humility and Confession: Characteristics of Freedom Realized

Confession Humility Article 2

The amazing grace of God is poured out on those who humble themselves and confess their sins consistently. The power of humility and confession are the characteristics of freedom realized....

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First Stone Ministries’ Position on ‘Gay Christian’ and ‘Spiritual Friendships?’


Restored Hope Network (RHN) respectfully disagrees with anyone who continues to identify as both ‘homosexual’ and Christian. Identification with Christ can and must displace an identity based on disordered desires. The New Testament repeatedly calls believers to repent of old identifications and to cleave to the new, true source of one’s identity...

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Spiritual Attack: Meant For Evil, Turned For Good


"How many of you feel that, within the last year, you’ve been through the most intense spiritual warfare you've ever experienced?" Almost the entire congregation raised their hands. It is as if the enemy knows that his time is short and he is coming against the people of God with great intensity. (Revelation 12:12)...

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Unadulterated Internet - How God is Winning My Heart Over to Him


An encouraging article and testimony from Joseph Thiessen in overcoming internet pornography addiction. There are several helpful tools included from Covenant Eyes....

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Fire! Fire!


We should never forget the extreme mercy of God in delivering us from hell by sending us His Son to die on the cross for our sins. It is so important to remind people of the reality of hell and eternity....

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