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First Stone Ministries Attendance and Code of Conduct Agreement











First Stone Ministries Attendance Agreement

  • Participating in, Attending or Registering for a First Stone Ministries Event signifies agreement with the following event policies.

  • First Stone Ministries (FSM) requires that all participants of the FSM event adhere to the following Code of Conduct.

  • Please review the Code of Conduct, Procedure for Change to Policies and Policy Agreement/Liability Release sections below and a signature of this agreement will be required at any FSM event, indicating that you understand and accept this agreement applicable to any FSM event. If you register someone else, you signify that your guest is also in complete agreement with these policies.


 Code of Conduct

  • All participants of FSM events are expected to adhere to standards of conduct in keeping with Christian/professional standards. This includes abstaining from all forms of immoral behavior (including sexuality) and disruptions of any kind.

  • All participants of FSM events are expected to either be in agreement with our doctrinal statements and position papers or be respectful of these statements while finding out more about the beliefs and practices of our ministry and those like ours.

  • Disruption of the FSM event in any form is not acceptable, including but not limited to: interrupting presenters, speakers or activities, such as a public documentary screening; distributing literature or materials; audio or video recording at the event that have not been pre-approved by the FSM staff; campaigning for alternative religions, philosophical or political views; on-site demonstrations; seeking sexual contacts; harassing others; using alcohol or narcotics; or sharing registration with other persons.

  • Failure to abide by this Code of Conduct is grounds for immediate dismissal from the FSM event. Persons asked to leave for violation of the Code of Conduct will not be eligible for refunds when registration fees were received.

  • First Stone Ministries and partnering associates of any FSM event reserve the right to refuse any person, participant or registered person, or to remove these people from the FSM event.  This is particularly so if there is reasonable cause to believe that he or she may endanger themselves or others by attending the FSM event, or has endangered themselves or others in attendance.

Procedure for Changes to Policies

In the event that First Stone Ministries’ leadership or staff is required to change any of these stated policies, changes will be made on the First Stone Ministries website or the registration page, and participants or attendees may be notified by email of such changes.

Policy Agreement/Liability Release

“I understand and acknowledge that First Stone Ministries holds to a traditional, Biblically-based view of scripture affirming God’s created intent for human sexual relating as one man with one woman in a covenant marriage and that this viewpoint will influence—and be expressed throughout—FSM events.  I further understand that the subject matter at this event deals with sensitive topics and opinions which may or may not align with my worldview, and which also may touch on emotional or spiritual issues that are critical to me and thus may be unsettling. I voluntarily and personally assume responsibility for my participation in any and all aspects of the conference, and release First Stone Ministries, its board, staff, members and any other event teachers or contributors from any claims whatsoever for damages alleged as a direct or indirect result of participation in our events.”

All participants at our events must be familiar with, and in agreement with the Code of Conduct and Policy Agreement/Liability Release as outlined above. I have read and I understand all of the First Stone Ministries Attendance Agreement.

Questions? Contact: [email protected] or call 405.236.4673

Attendees or participants will be required to sign this Agreement before entering a First Stone Ministries Event.