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Does God Really Care?

"Does God really care?" How often have we, as parents, in our despair, fear and hopelessness, asked this question? In our panic, we do not say it out loud, but rather run to some deep, realm of our soul and cry at what we think is some dark wall. Does God really care? One day I started thinking about the scripture in Matthew 10:30, "But the very hairs of your head are all numbered." I caught the word are. This is a present tense statement. I remembered cleaning my hair brush that morning. In a moment I saw God take out His ‘calculator’ and subtracting the hairs I had brushed out of my head from the sum total of hairs. He had recorded and wrote down a new total of hairs on my head. I quickly went from a broad smile to a very serious thought. The God I know is not bound to some silly calculator to number the hairs on my head! And the Word says they are ALL numbered now! I don’t know what that means to you, but to me it meant from that day on, that EVERY TIME a strand of hair came out of my head, God passed by and RENUMBERED the hairs on my head!

Just think about it! When you wake up in the morning and find a strand of hair on your pillow, God has passed by. When you the wind catches your head and a piece of hair floats away, God passes by. When you take off our jacket, brush your hair, wash it, or whatever . . . countless times a day, God passes by and renumbers the hairs on your head!

Now, I’m going to ask you the question. IF that detail of your life is THAT important to God, and at this very minute, then how much more important is it to your Father and your GOD, are the pains of your life, heart and spirit, AT THIS VERY MOMENT?

In my journey with the Lord, I have had to learn to be more honest each day. I would ask you to take that thought that creeps in many times, "Does God really care?" Just ask Him, "God, do you really care?" Ask God to open your heart and spirit, even your eyes and ears to let you see and hear the countless times a day, He really does care and is pass right beside you. When you find a piece of hair on your shoulder, remember that God just passed by you again. You will see God’s glory.