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Policies & Positions

Our Position on Genetics and Homosexuality; Is Homosexuality Genetic?

Currently, there is no conclusive scientific, genetic or otherwise medical evidence connecting homosexual thoughts, feelings or behaviors. This remains the position of First Stone Ministries. It is also the position of First Stone Ministries that if there is a genetic link to homosexuality discovered (a remote possibility), this would be the time we would accept the evidence without our faith being shaken from the gospel of Jesus Christ. As a matter of fact, it would be all the more reason for the Church to continue ministering the compassion of Christ to help people overcome their propensity to yet another revealed part of fallen humanity, homosexuality. As with the state of our fallen humanity God is kind to give us the ability, in His grace, to rise above our broken ways of limping through this life. God’s grace gives an individual the ability to overcome weakness, or the proverbial "thorn in the flesh" or "the limp in life." God actually uses weakness to reveal His strength. Our God’s grace is powerful. His love for us is extravagant and He does not leave us in brokenness. This is certainly true of homosexuality and all forms of sexual brokenness.

Ministry Participation

Participation in our ministry is voluntary; therefore, we do not cold-call persons to have them partake in services we provide. All people must contact us first and must be able to give consent to receiving ministry. In the case of minors, a parental consent form must be signed before ministry can be provided. We do not minister to children.


Policy - Criteria for Public Speaking and/or Written Publication of A Testimony with First Stone Ministries or with Freedom Realized - Live

Please read the following PDF Criteria for our policy on speaking or testifying with First Stone Ministries.

Event Attendance and Code of Conduct Policy

If you are planning on attending a public or private event provided by or hosted by First Stone Ministries, you are required to agree and abide by the First Stone Ministries Event ATTENDANCE POLICY.  This includes ALL events, meetings, seminars, conferences, and groups that First Stone Ministries provides.

Restored Hope Network Position Papers Adopted by First Stone Ministries