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Ten Things That the Tormented In Hell Regret

(from the Drakes commentary) - compiled by Stephen Black

I went to a missions conference this weekend and I was reminded about hell and the state of our nation. I have thought a lot about eternity with having so many family and friends dying in the past few years. I remember finally becoming a true believer in Jesus Christ. (My understanding of a true believer is one who totally surrenders their life to His Lordship. Many today in the western world believe being a Christian is just an acknowledgement that Jesus was the Christ, the Son of God or historical facts about Jesus. Well, the devil believes that, and he won't be in HEAVEN for all eternity. Jesus never taught a gospel of head knowledge - He taught we must be changed, born again.) My heart was/IS so full of gratitude from the terrible sins that Jesus saved me from, and from the terrible place where those who reject His Love, blood and wonderful sacrifice go, HE delivered me from HELL. I am so grateful for His love and forgiveness which HE delivered me from in my choosing hell during my teenage years. My mind was so hell bent, however, as I have spent the last 20 years pursuing HIM, I am more grateful NOW than ever before. Below are some things to consider taken from a commentary on hell. The first time I read this list I was so broken and as I read it again, I continue to be broken. May the Lord bless you with HIS Heart and with HIS brokenness over those who reject HIM.


1) The remorse and the despair in seeing the righteous, the godly whom they have despised in earth now clothed with immortality and living in all the bliss of God. (All of this list will be constant reminders because there is an ability to see heaven from hell - see Luke 16).

2) An abhorrence of the very evil that has damned their soul and put them in torment forever.

3) An eternal desire for the good that would have freed them from torment, but now unreachable.

4) Memories of lost opportunities in life that could have caused them to be with the redeemed. Memories flooding their minds about all the times they rejected Christ when appeals were made to them for salvation by the Holy Spirit.

5) Intense regret over all the deeds that were committed that can never be recalled or cleansed from their souls.

6) An absolute hopelessness of escape from eternal misery or an alleviation from the least degree of suffering.

7) An eternal separation from loved ones or from the redeemed which they can actually see beyond an impassable gulf between heaven and hell which they see from their own position in hell.

8) An intense grief and regret over their own bad example in life that has caused friends, family members and even their own children to be damned.

9) An ever deepening remorse for not listening to the Word of God, and for not spending their time talent, and finances to propagate the gospel so many others could escape hell's torment.

10) A constant presence of fire and brimstone where there is an eternal gnashing of teeth.

Here are the Scriptures that confirm the list above -

Luke 16:23-31

Matt 25:41-46

Rev 14:9-11, Rev. 20:11-15, Rev. 21:6-8

(Note there several passages in the Gospels where Jesus spoke of outer darkness where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth).

Don't be fooled by the devil's ideas about hell. He knows he is going there and wants to take as many with him as he can. Hell is forever, and hell is a very terrible place. If you were bothered by this list, ask yourself a couple of questions. Doesn't true love warn someone when their house is on fire, is it any less loving to warn someone about the eternal state of those who reject Jesus' Kingship? And the last question, when was the last time you actually heard a powerful message about a warning of hell? Truly it doesn't happen much anymore in our modern western churches. Our Lord Jesus spoke more on hell than He did on heaven, we should too.

Have mercy on us oh Lord!

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