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Freedom from Homosexuality Videos - 2

The following men are testifying that they have permanently left a life of homosexuality.
All of these men want others to know that there is freedom from homosexuality and
being gay-identified through a relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord.


 Bobby_Lopez-T  Kegan Wesley-T  Kent_Paris-T  Jayson_Graves-T
Robert Oscar Lopez Kegan Wesley Kent Paris Jayson Graves
David_Upton-T Patrick_Silvis-T
Stephen-Bennett-T  Jerome_Young-T 
David Upton Patrick Silvia Stephen Bennett Jerome Young
Daniel_Laredo-T  James_Wimbush-T  Ken_Davies-T   Jose_Hurtado-T
Daniel Laredo  James Wimbush Ken Davies Jose Hurtado
Stephen-James-Hart-T David_Pickup-T  LeePreston-T 
Stephen James Hart David Pickup Lee Preston Chris Delaney
Thom-Hunter-T.jpg   Nathanel_Flock-T Wayne_Blakely-T  Christian_Philip_Angel-T 
Thom Hunter   Nathanael Flock Wayne Blakely  Christian Philip Angel

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