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Summer Group


Summer Series

The Book of Joshua: Courage for Everyday People by Louie Giglio


Courage for Everyday People

After roaming the wilderness for decades, God's people finally reached the Promised Land. But there were still obstacles that stood in their way. Securing the land God had promised them would require strength, courage, and faith.

In this eight-session series, pastor Louie Giglio shows us that our story today isn't too far removed from Joshua and the Israelites: we need the same strength, courage, and faith to face the challenges in our lives. Join Louie and learn what it means to follow God faithfully, no matter what obstacles are before you. 


Is Summer Group for Me?

If the following statements describe your heart for hope and healing, you may want to consider participating in Summer Group:

  • A desire to deepen your relationship with Christ in a more personal, devoted way.
  • A desire to grow in your identity as a man or woman of God, allowing Him to reveal the good of your sexuality.
  • A willingness to face the sinfulness of your present state and the painful realities of where you are and what brought you to where you are now. This program is designed to help deal with all the broken and hurtful relationships of your life.
  • A willingness and a need to be open and honest in a godly environment with others about your emotions, sexual feelings and practices and how you feel about your sexual identity.
  • A willingness to receive the healing ministry of the Holy Spirit in all areas of your life, especially in the area of your relationships and your sexuality.
  • A desire to walk free from all sexual and relational bondage and to find true fulfillment in a loving relationship with Jesus Christ and His community and His desire for you to have holy relationships.
  • A commitment to God the Father, the Lord Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and to the other members of the group. This commitment is to continue through the entire program.

This program is not specific to one issue of brokenness or sin, but rather dealing generally with "sexual and relational brokenness," and more importantly to grow in a relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord. We will meet in a large group initially for teaching and then break up into separate groups if the group becomes large.



Our summer group requires an initial interview but an application is required. Fill out our Support Group Application.

Personal intake upon receiving and review of your registration...
Once we have received your registration, we will contact you for an interview. Depending on our familiarity with you, we may want to meet with you for one hour or less to discuss your interest in this group and get a little more background history from you. We also want to give you an opportunity to ask any questions that you may have of us about the program and what you can expect from the program and of us as the leadership.

If you are not accepted...
A notice of ineligibility, whether it is for reasons of space or other circumstances, will be explained in some form by letter and/or by a personal phone call by one of the coordinators.


What is the cost of this program?

This support group is being offered for $50.

(If accepted into the program, please click here to make payment.)

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Scholarships/Payment Plans...
Requests for either a payment plan or scholarships must be in writing with a thorough explanation for the request. Prior to asking First Stone Ministries for a scholarship, we ask that you inquire with family/loved ones or your home church to help you financially. We do want to be able to give scholarships to as many as possible, but we will be limited to the number that we can give out. Payments can be in any amount and any interval so long as the balance is paid in full by the end of the program. Scholarships are available on a case-by-case review. We want all those that need the program to attend regardless of the funds available.


What does the cost cover? And what are other costs to expect?
This includes the costs of the materials and any handouts. Offerings are taken weekly to give participants the opportunity to bless First Stone Ministries' general fund and to continue to provide ministry. Participants will be invited to provide snacks on a rotation basis.

First Stone suggested a $10 per week donation.

Other details...

To keep the integrity of our small groups, we will stress the importance of faithful attendance.

In the case of an absence, audio recordings of teachings will be made available online.

A small group activity may be planned by the small group facilitator.