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2405 NewsletterSummer 2024 (pdf)

  • A Mother's Reflections on Her Transitioning Son
  • Help! My Child Just Came Out as LGBTQ — How Do I Respond?
  • Some Trans Q&A Responses
  • Book Recommendation - "Across the Kitchen Table: Talking About TRANS with Your Teen" by Sam A. Andreades
  • Recommended Resources on Gender Dysphoria (Trans)
  • Recommended Resources for Parents of LGBTQ+ Prodigals
  • Five (5) Upcoming and Ongoing Support Groups!


2312 NewsletterWinter 2023 (pdf)

  • Ministry in Transition: Remembering Stephen
  • Annual Pledge Drive
  • A Christmas Reflection
  • Living Free Curriculum
  • FSM Board on Navigating our Transition
  • Intern Announcement
  • Groups & Staff


2306 Newsletter

Summer 2023 (pdf)

  • Relinquishment: What Does it Really Mean to "Let Go"?
  • Testimonies of Grace
  • Truth on Gender Transitioning (link)
  • Announcements
  • Groups & Staff