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About First Stone Ministries

Presenting First Stone Ministries

Our Calling

The Mission
Leading people In the Body of Christ to freedom from homosexuality and sexual brokenness* through a relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord; to reach out to churches, schools, organizations, and the general public by providing education, biblical discipleship, and support.

To Minister
To minister healing and restoration in all areas of brokenness. We specialize in leading those caught in a homosexual lifestyle and other areas of sexual brokenness to freedom in Jesus Christ. We are dedicated to the healing of the homosexual, and otherwise sexually broken, and wounded. Freedom from homosexuality is not a method, but a person, Jesus Christ; therefore, we are dedicated solely to the purpose of bringing the life of Christ to people who desire to live their lives more like Jesus Christ and His examples given in the scriptures. We minister freedom through a personal and intimate relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord.

To Educate
To educate churches and Christians how they may respond biblically, compassionately, and knowledgeably to those impacted by homosexuality, relational and sexual sins, and abuse.

Who We Are

First Stone Ministries was founded in 1976 as Fisher’s of Men Evangelistic Corporation by Frank and Peg Rogers. The ministries’ focus was evangelism until they learned their son was a homosexual. Having discovered that there was no local help, Frank and Peg began putting their ministry focus on the healing of homosexuality. In 1981, the ministries’ name was changed to First Stone Ministries and incorporated as The First Stone Ministries. First Stone is a 501 (C) (3) tax-exempt, non-profit organization, independent and non-denominational. First Stone Ministries was one of the founding ministries of Exodus International in 1976 and was also one of the founding ministries of The Restored Hope Network and was part of the network from 2012-2019. 

Since its founding in 1976, First Stone Ministries has been an independent nondenominational, Christ-centered, para-church organization. Prior to 1991 First Stone was only a part-time ministry; however, we are now a full-time ministry with ordained ministers and counseling staff and are governed by a Board of Directors to ensure financial and ethical accountability.

What We Offer

Individual Biblical Discipleship
Available by appointment only. Day and some evening hours are available. Our one-on-one ministry is biblically based and confidential.

Support Groups
Several groups are offered to minister healing, restoration, and education to all who have been hurt by sexual brokenness.

Groups Offered:

  • Living Free
  • New Man Group
  • Summer Group
  • Parents and Family

Educational Seminars
We have individual, and team testimonial speakers and periodically host guest speakers to help encourage, strengthen, and bring understanding to the Body of Christ in the area of sexual brokenness. We provide multi-denominational programs of testimonies, teaching and song to churches, schools, and organizations.

Literature & Educational Materials
Literature is provided to minister restoration and understanding to all who have been distressed by sexual brokenness, and homosexuality. We provide information, curriculum and testimonies, audio, and video for those struggling with the issues we address, as well as spouses, parents, family, and friends. 

Also, Please Read First Stone Ministries Position and Policies Page


* Sexual Brokenness: Devastation brought about by behaviors outside of God's original intent of sexuality. Sexual brokenness includes, in part, pornography, adultery, promiscuity/fornication, homosexuality, lesbianism, sexual abuse, molestation, prostitution, transsexuality, and cross-dressing.