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Wuhan Virus - COVID-19

Covid-19 Update AprilApril 30, 2020 UPDATE

COVID-19 Health Crisis Response from First Stone Ministries’ Opening for Ministry – April 30, 2020.

We are opening to meet with people at our offices with the following conditions:

1) They are physically well and have no immunocompromising problems. If there are problems with one's immunity it is recommended to continue to shelter in place for the next few weeks. We can continue to meet by video online conferencing solutions.

2) No one should come to the FSM offices if they have any fever, OR if they have a sore throat, with coughing and sneezing. (Note: there is an understanding that many suffer from season allergy problems during this time of year, however, if there is a doubt about your health condition, not feeling-well with symptoms mentioned, please do not come to FSM offices).

3) Please understand we will be practicing social distancing, so at this time, we will be sitting with the recommendation of approximately 6 feet apart.  We are not in any way rejecting or operating out of fear.  We are merely trying to be considerate of the current situation.

4) Anyone who desires to wear a face-mask is welcomed at FSM.

5) The staff of FSM will not be wearing face-masks unless there is a request to wear a mask for a particular meeting.

Please feel free to email
any other questions concerning a meeting with FSM staff.

March 30, 2020 UPDATECOVID-19 Update: U.S. Cases Blow Up; 'Medieval' Measures; Yes ...

Dear friends and participants of First Stone Ministries:

Oklahoma now has stricter guidelines being given by the Governor, and Oklahoma City has reiterated guidelines by the Mayor of Oklahoma City regarding meeting with people. 

(See Hyperlink:

As a result of this updated order, no one should be having any meetings with people unless it is absolutely necessary for the care of life needs of an individual or family. Those particular meetings for the care of others must have at least 6 feet of distancing unless you have proper medical protection gear to touch or be closer to help with personal needs or the medical attention of persons in need.  Therefore, no one from First Stone Ministries (FSM) Staff will have in-person, face-to-face meetings.

The order by Governor Stitt is “Shelter in Place” – which means stay home unless you are getting personal necessities to live (read the particulars in the order in the link above).  There are provisions for going outside of your home, like getting exercise and taking care of your own needs.

Faith-based organizations' staffs are exempt from this order to be able to go to their facilities and/or offices to carry out online streaming activities, telephone use, administration of the organization, also needed security and maintenance of such facilities, but the order communicates staff only of the faith-based organizations. Therefore the FSM Staff cannot meet with non-staff persons at our offices during this order due to the health crisis of Wuhan/COVID-19.  This newly enacted updated order was mandated at 11:59 PM, March 28, 2020 and is set in place through April 12, 2020, and will have a review at that time to see if the order will be rescinded or continued through April 30.

Some of the FSM staff may be at the offices during business hours, but only if needed for the above reasons previously indicated.

If you have a scheduled meeting with a staff person, they will contact you in the next day by email or phone to see how we might be able to serve you in another way.

I am not imagining that there are any necessary care-for-life meetings that the staff must have face to face during this governor/mayor's mandated order.  However, we will have online individual video meetings, some group meetings, and phone calls during business hours for continuing some services and ministry.

Therefore our offices are now closed to the public through April 12. 

May God give us HIS wisdom, leadership, peace, and joy in resting in Him during this challenge.

Stephen Black
Executive Director



First Stone Ministries staff is limiting personal contact at our offices and other group meeting areas. We are practicing “social distancing” as per President Trump’s call to abide by the World Health Organization and CDC recommendations in limiting contacting.  

Unfortunately, we will not be able to have new meetings for intakes nor will we be able to continue group meetings during this national health crisis. We hope to resume all normal meetings after April 5th.  If you have any questions, please email, [email protected] or email the desired staff member directly.

Wuhan-1We will continue to have individual pastoral-care meetings as necessary, however, some individual meetings will also be moved to digital online meetings. We have suspended all physical group meetings and have moved our meetings to a digital meeting-room format for the safety of all; and of course, we will be ministering by phone. If you are currently participating in one of our groups, you will be contacted about how to sign-on to the digital-online meetings.

If you have not contacted First Stone Ministries previously you will need to make a connection through our online Contact Form.