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Dangerous Affirmation - The Threat of "Gay Christianity"

Perkins-Dangerous Affirmation COVERLeaders, pastors, and elders who are scholarly and laymen alike are praising “Dangerous Affirmation – The Threat of ‘Gay Christianity’” as one of the most important equipping books for those who desire to protect the Church and the people of God. Reading the Endorsements section in what others are saying about this book cannot be underestimated. - Stephen Black

Also, the prequel white paper, M.D. Perkins, authored, A Little Leaven” is also equally important. This resource is free and in audio.  If you are seeing the erosion in the Church and need equipping, it is imperative to get these two resources today!  





Order "Dangerous Affirmation - The Threat of 'Gay Christianity'" today at First Stone Ministries Market Place or the American Family Associations' RESOURCES page.