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I am but a Sparrow

I am but a sparrow bound to the world below.

I dream of flying above the clouds where my frame could never know.

Friends round about mock me in jest.

They say I am foolish to long for such a quest.


So remain my eyes, fixed on this world around me.

I have begun to accept what everyone else can see.

But occasionally I have this thought, which surely cannot be mine.

What seems impossible to them might simply be divine.


As a young bird, I would hear my creator say,

"Come unto me, rest, wait on me this day."

I entered into His presence by perching near His altars.

He flooded my soul and cleansed me as would mighty rushing waters.


He gave me satisfaction I could never find through any other.

Not through discipline, religious activity, nor even my brother.

His attention became my only concern. Or at least that’s what I thought.

For further down life’s road, I found out it was not.


Growing older brought numerous surprises.

Including losing my first love because of several finely crafted disguises.

My heart was hidden, locked tight so no one could see.

Not family, not friends, just God and just me.


Tired of hiding, secrets and shame

I cried out a final cry calling my creator’s name,

"What has happened to me Jesus, how can this be?"

His reply came my way kindly, "What do you want more, others or me?"


It was then that I realized my single greatest blunder.

I had given my wants and needs over to another

only to be trampled upon, abused and rejected.

My heart now needs to Him be subjected.


Slowly but surely day after day

to me He faithfully whispers and calls out my name.

"My child, your life is destined for regal.

I created you sparrow but destined you as eagle!"


So then when I feel like hiding and running away

instead to my soul I continually say,

"I am not but a sparrow bound to the world below.

I am what my Lord calls me and after Him will I follow."


by C. Joseph Thiessen

Psalm 84:1-12 & Isaiah 40:31