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Forsaking the Gay Identity

Leaving homosexuality is much more than quitting a certain sexual behavior. It involves deeper issues, one of which is the person’s identity. For many men and women in the gay life, their " sexual orientation " is the center of everything they conceive themselves to be. When coming to Christ, this false image must be dealt with. In the following teaching, Love In Action ...

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My Heavenly Friend

The precious Lord Jesus Christ is our friend. Oh, let us seek to realize this! It is not merely a religious phrase or statement, but truly He is our friend. He is the Brother " born for adversity," the one who "sticks closer than a brother." Who will never leave and never forsake us....

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The Principle of Praying Thrice

There is one particular secret about prayer that we should know about, which is, a praying three times to the Lord. This "thrice" is not limited to only three times, it may be many times. The Lord Jesus asked God three times in the garden of Gethsemane until His prayer was heard-at which point He stopped. Paul too prayed to God three times, and ceased praying after he was ...

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Devotion: The Heart of Prayer

Devotion is the particular frame of mind found in one entirely devoted to God. It is the spirit of reverence, of awe, of godly fear. It is a state of heart which appears before God in prayer and worship. It is foreign to everything like lightness of spirit, and is opposed to levity and noise and bluster....

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Covenant Friend

Last year I wrote an article called "Christ Cry - Covenant Love" . I spent a lot of time praying and thinking about what’s really dear to the heart of Jesus....

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Justice & Respect

Bisexuals. Lesbians. Gays. the very words are enough to make many Christians feel uncomfortable. That which used to be hidden in the closet has increasingly become a topic of public debate and even political activism. ...

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What Does the Bible Say?

Religious trends during the past few decades have made today's debate over homosexuality almost inevitable. In a growing number of denominations, the Bible's moral statements are increasingly seen as irrelevant to our culture. The latest findings of science and an individual's personal experiences are treated as higher authorities than the Scriptures....

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Devoted Personal Love of Jesus Christ

We have a revelation of God's personal feelings in the first commandment. We are to love Him with all our heart!...

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Roots of Homosexuality

For a Christian coming out of homosexuality or lesbianism, the homosexual problem may loom as large as a giant Redwood tree: enormous, obvious, unchangeable, unshakable. But just like the root system beneath the Redwood forest, homosexuality also has roots. There are many things "below the ground" that feed the gay identity and hold it firmly in place....

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Directed by Difficulties, Transformed by Trouble

Proverbs gives us a long list of sins that get us into trouble, such as impatience, dishonesty, selfishness, a hot temper, and even talking too much. It also tells us that wisdom will keep us out of trouble. Anytime we ignore God’s principles, we eventually suffer the consequences. We always reap what we sow. God has given us the freedom to make choices, but we are not f...

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