Men & Homosexuality
He Sent His Word to Heal Us PDF Print E-mail

stephenbAs I gave my life completely over to the Lord back in 1983, He took me down memory lane as a part of my deliverance. There I was, a five year old little boy, very curious about the male anatomy. This was the first remembrance of what were the beginnings of homosexual thoughts. You will find that many believe just because there maybe a curiousness about anatomy that this is an inclination of orientation, but this is just not true. I did not try exploring homosexuality until many years later when I chose with my heart to give over to the temptations. At about age six, I remember being molested by a male friend of the family who was baby sitting me. This opened the doors to sexual perversion in my life. I also recall that I was exposed to some pornography at the same time. The pornography was heterosexual yet very devastating to my understanding of REAL love and God’s design for sexuality. God’s kind of love is found in 1 Cor. 13 and 1 John.

Created for Manhood PDF Print E-mail

by Andrew Franklin

From my earliest memories, I can recall a sense of feeling different from my brother, dad, and male friends. While the other men in my life got excited about sports or active play, I found myself much more adept and interested in artistic endeavors like singing and dancing. My dad had survived a very difficult upbringing that left him all but crippled emotionally, especially with a young boy as expressive as I was. I knew my dad loved me; but I never quite felt known by him. In response, I took up a stance of enmity and a hyper-critical spirit toward him. Although I could quote the command “Honor your father and mother, so that it may go well with you…”, I held onto dishonor in my heart. This dishonor led me to a deep brokenness in my views on masculinity, and my beliefs about myself as a man.

Jesus Glory and the Lifter of My Head PDF Print E-mail

by Joseph Thiessen

Joseph ThiessenI have never considered myself a gay man as this title seems to be for the more political person who lives with his same-sex sexual orientation out in the open for all to see. In contrast, homosexuality was never a lifestyle wherein I immersed myself with like-minded people for any length of time, nor was I ever given to sex with anyone. Rather, it has been a lifestyle of fantasy, pornography addiction, masturbation, withdrawal and introspection.

The Man in the Mirror PDF Print E-mail

by Sy Rogers

Imagine - me married! A day of rejoicing and celebration, of sharing love between family and friends. At my side was my wife, the woman I loved. But special as it was, our wedding held a much deeper significance.

There was a time when I would never have believed such fulfillment was possible for me. Only three years earlier, I was lost in pursuit of my identity, desperately seeking love and acceptance. I was transsexual - or at least that's what my psychiatrist called it. Although physically a man, I felt “trapped” in the wrong body. I was obsessed with the desire to change my outward gender and conform my body to what I believed I really was - both mentally and emotionally. I convinced myself, and worked hard to convince others, that sex-change surgery was necessary for me if I was ever to lead a fulfilled life.


When The Waves of Death Surrounded Me PDF Print E-mail

by Willis Ward

I never felt I could share my testimony because I felt too hypocritical. If people knew what I was, and what I had done, then they would reject me. I couldn't deal with rejection. I was an expert at reading people, figuring out what they wanted to see, and meeting their expectations. I held to a strategic plan to protect an image I had set up: "ME".


I'm A Brand New Man PDF Print E-mail

by Jim Venice

I was born and raised in the St. Louis metropolitan area. Both of my parents were just 16 and newly married when I was born. Like many teens, they married to escape the turmoil of their sin-filled homes, thinking that things would be better on their own. Their relationship was doomed from the beginning, being so young and both without even a high school education. My father turned to alcohol to deal with the pressures of life. After all, that's how he had seen his parents cope.


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