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Archives for May 2005

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Jesus Speaks on Homosexuality

The belief of certain circles is that Jesus did not specifically speak on the subject of homosexuality and since they believe He did not, then He must condone it and even bless it. It is a fact indeed that Jesus is never quoted as saying the word homosexual or the like. I will say at this point, however that when one person of the Trinity speaks they all speak....

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A Call to "Ex-Gays" to Press Toward the Higher Mark


There are a great many people in ministry whose personal healing has not reached a stage where it is safe for them to be a model or teacher for others who are seeking help. There, I said it!...

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Responding to Pro-Gay Theology, Part I: Social Justice Arguments

This three-part series will address the pro-gay theology by dividing its arguments—or tenets—into three categories: social justice arguments, general religious arguments, and scriptural arguments. A brief description of these arguments will be provided, followed by a response/rebuttal to each....

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